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Journal N473's Journal: Happenings 2

It has been a little bit since the last entry, but a lot has happened...

Our (my wife and I's) happiness only lasted a day and a half. She miscarried 10-12 in the evening. So we are waiting a while to try again. I thought I had been in love before, but I have never felt this. My Aubry is the sought after soulmate...

Work at Halliburton in Wyoming is going great. Ever since I left the cublicle in January and moved north, I have put the electronics portion of my degree to work. Spent copious amounts of time on semi trailers with computer systems on them, and on natural gas drilling rigs with cementing crews. I have not written any code in almost a year now. Sometimes I miss it, but I can honestly say this is the best job I have ever had.

The weather in Wyoming is also a lot better for me than El Paso, Texas was. I hate hot temperatures. Negative 40 degrees fahrenheit is a-okay with me. It is positive 31 degrees fahrenheit here right now, and I am in my work shirt and no jacket. This is my spot.

I miss seeing my family, but we are on the phone often. I sometimes miss my clubbing existance in EPT, but then I remember the unhappiness I felt with meaningless hookups, constant drinking, dead-end job, and trying to convince myself I was in love with my ex. I am so happy I woke the fuck up and made a better life for myself.

Keep on rockin'...

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  • My deepest condolences about the miscarriage. That's a hell of a thing to deal with. I wish you both the strength to carry on.

    Other than that, glad to hear things are going better for you, man. Sounds like you've really found a good niche. Exploit it! ;)

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