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Journal the_mad_poster's Journal: Say What Now? 7

Alright, folks, try and stay with me here as we think through this and try to figure out why the United States public is getting fed up with the Bush administration and our current political "leaders"...

September 2001 you get these psychobastards who slam some planes into a couple of buildings and a field. This pisses a lot of people off, it's a uniting thing, symbolism, rally point, etc. Everyone says "GO GET 'EM BUSH" and Bush does. By golly, he says "this guy did it!" and he goes over there and this guy's a real bad guy so everyone is like "SEND A MOAB UP HIS HAIRLESS CORNHOLE!" and Bush is like 'no wait, guys, let's see if fuck fail Taliban will turn him over and save us some time, money, and lives'.

Fuck fail Taliban fuck fails and doesn't, so we're all like DIE MOFO and we kick their asses and send 'em packing and everyone is like "OH BOY, YAY!".

But Bumholeman goes running into some caves and hides and he's all like "OH SHI-!". So for awhile we're looking for him and then Bush is all like "ummmm I don't think about him much anymore" and American Public is sort of like "he say whut guy?". But they don't think so much of it because airplane bombs were years ago, so Bush is all like "SADDAM IS A BAD GUY, LET'S GO GET HIM!"

Then there's schism and smart people are like "asshole is he, threat he is not" and everyone else is like "shawt up or I'll punch ya'lls necks".

So then there's like 49% of people who are like "no wait, Bush is fuck fail now" and then 51% votes and he wins election this time and John Kerry cries and he's like "but I got shrapnels" but nobody cares so he goes back to the Senate and votes for some more stuff before he votes against it. Or maybe it was the other way around.

So anyway, people are like "hey man, whut with checking account? Savings account is fuck fail too!" and Bush is like "uuh" and then people are like "oh man too much debt no money, gotta bankrupt" and Bush is like "NO YOU PAY CORPORATIONS BECAUSE THEY'RE BETTER THAN YOU" and peolpe are like "whoa what?".

So then Katrina comes and is like WHOOOOSH BOOM! And bush is like 'lol nigers' and then people are like "man FEMA fuck fails too now". And Brown is like "lol horses are great" and Bush is like "good job!" and then people go "no, you fail".

Then Tom DeLay is like "YOA HERE'S SOME MONEY" and badass guy with a paper clip is like "YUO FREEZE!". Tom DeLay is like "Whoa whut, no I did nothing!" and then people are like "man you fuck fail corrupted n00b". And then Frist is like "OH SHI-" and then they notice him and are like "Yuo next n00b lol".

Then anyway, Bush is like "lol Miers" and people go "umm, whut" and then he has to withdraw her because she's illiterate. Then Lewis Libby gets indicted and Karl Rove is like "woo that close" and Bush is all :I "OH SHI-!"

And that's where we are today.


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Say What Now?

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