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Journal the_mad_poster's Journal: lol Justice 12

I'm giving 3:1 odds that Bush does not fire any high-level White House official indicted in relation to the Plame investigation even though Scott McClellan orignally stated that Bush had said "anyone in this administration ... involved in it [the Plame identity leak] ... would no longer be in this [the Bush] administration".

You can place your bets at the open window in the lower half of the 9th circle of Hell. Mr Libby will be on display so you can look him over prior to the shootout (we regret to inform you that Mr. Rove will NOT be available for review as his lack of ethical standards has resulted in a permanent ban from heaven, hell, and most locales outside of Las Vegas and Washington D.C.).

BUSHCHENEY4LIFE: We're just like Elliot Ness's gang, except we wear the black hats!

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lol Justice

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  • I'd take those odds if it didn't require the President to pink slip someone. The standard operating political practice is to have the subordinate fall on their own sword. Of course they could be forced out or leaving for their own reasons. Withdrawing/resigning/leaving are double-plus positive actions: the elected official can talk about how great the person was and how sad they are to see them go, his subordinate can talk about how great the elected official is and how sad they are to have to do this.

  • It's called "Imagine What Would Have Happened if Clinton Did It."

    It's fun, give it a try.
  • "Libby's being indicted! That proves how rotten the administration is!"

    "Rove's not being indicted! That proves how corrupt the administration is!"

    • "They blew the cover of a covert operative working on WMD proliferation to retaliate against her husband for ratting them out about falsifying intelligence to justify a costly, deadly, dangerous, and well-profiteered war in Iraq! That proves how corrupt the administration is!"

      BTW, Rove not out of the woods yet, and this is usually when things start to get interesting. How tight a family are they? Would they all really do a prison stretch to protect each other?
    • Oh yea wow hey that's what I said, right?

      Question: Do conservatives ever actually have a valid complaint about liberal positions and statements, or do they just make it all up as they go along and convince themselves they're actually telling the truth? It seems like 90% of what conservatives whine about is nonsense they made up on their own and then just arbitrarily applied to liberals.

      Reminds me of the time Railgunner assigned a whole bunch of positions to me and then not only couldn't go back and find eve
      • People try to pretend they're being fair by saying "oh both sides are crooked and dishonest", but they're not nearly the same. Conservatives are ten times worse.

        An unbiased look back through the criminal history of our elected leaders would be very interesting, and it seems you have done some research in the area to reach that conclusion, so can you please enlighten me as to how the two sides are, in fact, different? Perhaps there's a report on the matter that I am unfamiliar with but you couldn't direct m

        • Couldn't = could
        • Just for fun, let's look at some recent indictments since they're the hot topic in the GOP lately:

          Tom DeLay (R)
          Tom Noe (R), a major Bush/GOP donor in Ohio
          Lewis Libby (R)
          Don Seigleman (D), the ex-governor of AL

          A white house aide, a major congressman, a state donor... and an ex-governor.

          Well, okay, let's look at investigations that are still underway:

          Karl Rove (R)
          Bill Frist (R)
          Jack Abramoff (R) a major republican lobbyist
          Craig Adelman (D) who has given to both MN parties, but primarily democrats

          Huh. A white h
          • Would you like to go farther back in time, maybe talk about Carter and Reagan, or maybe expand this out into governors (ahnold groping people, perhaps) and state assemblymen? Or, perhaps you'd like to respin some of my statements or add something I missed?

            Maybe it's just me, but your in-depth analysis seems somewhat less than satisfactory. I'm sure that you're an unbiased person without any personal agenda and wouldn't jump to conclusions without facts to back your statements up. I just haven't seen any ac

          • let's look at some recent indictments

            Not fair, reasonable, or unbiased. The party in power is always the one under the most scrutiny at any given time. Sure, the other side gets a few shots then too, but mostly it's the ones who get the most focus turning up the most malfeasance.

            Aside from that, I'm not going to argue either side of the point, at least not for now.

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