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XBox (Games)

Journal misterhaan's Journal: xbox for uses other than games

the wife bought me an xbox since i made a website for the animal shelter she works for. i wanted it mostly for the xbox media center, but i heard you could also play some games on it.

as of now i've bought and installed a white duox2 modchip, flashed the bios on the modchip with evox m8 plus, and used slayer's auto-installer to get xbmc (and some other stuff) installed.

i have a bunch of cdr media with various stuff that i was expecting to be able to play on the xbox through xbmc, but the xbox doesn't want to read them. it's got an ethernet port though, so i grabbed my longest ethernet cables and connected the xbox to my router in the other room (it was barely long enough!) i messed with the network settings and set everything to the router's ip, except i chose a different ip in the same subnet for the xbox to use. the other computers that connect through the router just let the router give them an ip, and i think i have the xbox set to do that too.

no matter what i did on the xbox it still told me its ip address was, but now that i think about it i have mac address filtering turned on at the router. i thought that was only for wireless connections, but maybe it's everything. i'll try that but if that doesn't do it then i'm going to need to find some documentation explaining all these network settings.

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xbox for uses other than games

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