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Journal polysylabic psudonym's Journal: Well, that was a bit of a rant. Sorry.

Must have been midnight when I wrote that last entry. Sorry for putting anyone who may have read it through such a long diatribe against the Evil Overlord of Australia.

Anyway, the short version: Things are starting to suck now for employees; soon they'll be really bad for anyone who wants to exercise freedom of speech or association.

(damn. Getting into another rant - sorry.)
When I say bad for employees, at the moment in Australia we have strong workers rights: penalty rates for workers working overtime, weekends or public holidays; the right to paid leave; the right not to be fired without a damn good reason.

That's changing to something worse than the current US industrial relations system.

Bad for freedom: To much. Just too much. Illegal to speak against the government; ASIO (our equivalent of the US CIA) allowed to lock people up for 14 days, without cause; Illegal for people locked up by ASIO to tell anyone that they've been locked up - a message of "I'm alright, but can't tell you where I am" seems to be legal; Police with a tame judge allowed to order you to stay at home or not go to specific places or not speak to particular people or not use particular technology for 12 months, with unlimited extensions with the okay of the tame judge.

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Well, that was a bit of a rant. Sorry.

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