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GNU is Not Unix

Journal Helmholtz Coil's Journal: FreeDOS Project Uncovers Gaggle Of GPL Violations

My streak of rejected Slashdot submissions grows ever longer. I thought I should post this one where I could though, because the developers affected by this story need to know.

The FreeDOS Project is reporting the discovery of a number of GPL violations by DRDOS, who bought DR-DOS from Lineo (formerly known as Caldera) back in 2002.

According to the writeup DR-DOS 8.1 packages several GPL'd FreeDOS tools, some freeware apps, and even PKWARE shareware, all for the low low price of $45 for a single user license, sans license compliance for the mentioned software. Anyway go read the report and decide for yourselves. It doesn't matter if you're pro- or anti-GPL, there are a number of packages with a number of licenses involved and this needs some investigation.

So what is it with software companies from Lindon UT anyway?

Update Mon Oct 24 11:51:52 CDT 2005: once again, the story is newsworthy, just not from me. At least I got there first. :)

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FreeDOS Project Uncovers Gaggle Of GPL Violations

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