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Journal Surt's Journal: My latest game 4

Please journal comments here.

There is now a how to play page linked from the main page.

Note: requires java 5. If you don't have Java 5 installed and usable from your browser, you'll get a class loader error in your java console, or an applet loading failure. I'm interested in pretty much any other bug reports, as there is nothing I can do about how Sun handles these errors (I've had no error reports so far that did not trace back to not having Java 5 installed & set up to be used from the browser).

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My latest game

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  • well my pc I am at now doesn't seem to like java 5, but it looks quite interesting via the 'how to play'.
    • If you're at such a pc again, and happen to read this, and are willing to take the time, and know how to open the java console (whew, that was a long list): would you let me know what the java console says?

      So far the only troubles people have reported have turned out to be java 5 not available, but you never know.

      I'd fix it to be java 1.4 compatible, but as a programming exercise I thoroughly used generic containers, so unfortunately making it 1.4 compatible would require a lot of re-work.
  • yeah, I am completely addicted. Although I'm still a little confused about how/why black tiles appear, or if it's possible to avoid it.

    Also, given the resolution that my laptop is at, I can only see the first three rows of the "next tile" area without scrolling. maybe have them on the side vertically instead?
    • Hey thanks a lot for the feedback.

      I recently thought about the issues the tall vertical layout might cause for people with lower resolution, so you can consider it likely that you'll see that issue fixed soon.

      Black tiles appear when the black boxes selecting color and arrow from the 'next tile' area collide. You can avoid getting a black tile if you make a non scoring move at that time. This is fairly hard to do, and in fact if you want a big score you are way way way better off thinking about how to line

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