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Journal SeanDuggan's Journal: Nosebleeds aren't supposed to be serial

I usually don't write journal entries here on account of that I already have a regular weblog, two if you include my stealth LiveJournal site for responding to webcomic LJ communities, but had a significant enough experience that I thought to reproduce it here.

It all started on Friday, around 7:30 PM or so. I was working at my computer and got a spontaneous nosebleed. That's not that uncommon for me. I used to get frequent unprovoked nosebleeds when I was a child. The frequency slacked off as I got older, but I still get about one a year. So I waited for it to stop bleeding (it was what most people would probably see as a "bad" one in that the flow was steady enough to soak through two Kleenexes despite clamping, but as aforementionned, I'm used to it) then went off to help out in building the set for the next show at the local community theater. About two hours in, my nose started up again, this time with a steady enough flow that I made my way through two cotton handkerchiefs before it stopped. Well, once is chance and twice is coincidence, but it seemed like a decent chance something in the theater led to this state, sawdust, etc. I had a minor nosebleed on getting home, but nothing major. So, I headed off to bed. Woke up at 3AM with blood about to exit my nose. This was another gusher and it got me to worrying as I was getting these nosebleeds so I drove myself down to the mergency room where they told me they see nothing wrong with my nose. Essentially they handled it as a routine "dumb person goes to the E.R. to waste our time when all that's wrong is a bloody nose," gave me a nasal decongestant to shoot up my nose when the bleeding is down to the seeping level to shrink the blood vessels. Well, I've only had three more cases since then so maybe I'm on the mend. Last night, I got through eighteen hours without a bloody nose although unfortunately the record was broken with a bloodsoaked pillow that will probably never be the same again. Fortunatly, it was the only non-washable thing that got hit this time. *grumble* It's annoying having to look at my clothing and make my decision on what to wear based upon what's appropriate for the day's activities and what I can afford to lose if it gets soaked with blood and never washes clean.

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Nosebleeds aren't supposed to be serial

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