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Journal It doesn't come easy's Journal: ALERT: YOU may be guilty of copyright infringement

This has to be the funniest thing (at least to my dry sense of humor) I've run across in a while -- and I'm not even sure these guys aren't serious. A company(?) called Magnus-Opus warns "You may be inadvertently performing one of the Magnus-Opus melody series each time you use your telecommunications device (telephone, mobile telephone, modem and other internet devices)". Fortunately, they provide a web site that lets you test any number against their database of copyrighted melodies. If you are found to infringe, they helpfully point you to their licensing page. Licenses range from "single performance" for 5 cents (per performance) to lifetime "full performance rights" costing up to $10,000. And if you don't wish to buy a license, they have a FAQ that details how you can get rid of the offending telecommunications device. Originally brought to you by an anonymous reader on Spencer Katt.
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ALERT: YOU may be guilty of copyright infringement

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