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Journal eugene ts wong's Journal: Life Update [just a quick greeting] 5


It's nice to see that some of you are doing well: turg and his kid game, eglamkowski and his commitment to avoid debates.

It unfortunate to see that 1 of you is suffering: hobo spider bite. I thought that I was suffering due to an odd increase in acne, but acne pales in comparison.

Life has been really strange. 1 of the major changes in my life is the commitment to avoid debating and pressuring to bring people on to my side of an issue. I've been reading and rereading and referencing, "How To Win Friends And Influence People" & "The Tipping Point". I'm actually quite shocked how much those books have shed light on this world. It's amazing to watch people sit there and complain about the world around them, and wonder why things are the way they are. I like to call those books, "The Jedi Mind Trick Manuals", because applying those principles really does change a persons behavior. I've been selling post cards and souvenirs as a volunteer on board the Downtown Historic Railway, and I'm truly impressed at how many people buy from me, and are actually happy and thankful. It kind of makes me feel guilty, but as long as I'm giving them a fair deal, then there shouldn't be any problems. 1 thing that I don't do is sell to kids. I ask the parents somewhat quietly, "Do you think that he'll enjoy 1 of these?". I hate the way that McDonald's sells to kids. I want the parents to have more control over everything.

Another interesting change in my life, is the change of my view regarding freetrade. I used to be highly in favour of it, because I thought that it meant less government. I now believe in something that I call fairtrade. Companies shouldn't be allowed to ship in products without taxes unless their workers are subject to the same amount of government influences and taxes. The idea is that if the local government heaps a huge burden on us, then our market should be protected from our government's influence. Or why should a foreign subsidized company be allowed to compete with lower prices when you work fairly without subsidies? I wish that I could explain it better.

Some of you probably remember me taking a year off to do volunteer work, hoping that I'd be able to find something to do with my life. Well, it's been well over a year, and I still don't know what I want to do. For the foreseeable future, I plan to do some fund raising as paid work, and then save up to get some certifications for teaching ESL. I might head overseas to do some teaching there.

Another interesting thing happened over the summer. I took a cross-Canada train trip in coach. I started off sick, but managed to get well, because I had so much rest. The train was awesome. The main purpose of my trip was to visit my grandmother. She is getting old and we don't know when her time will be up. It was a sad experience. I could journal a whole journal entry about that. I also managed to wet my feet in the Bay of Fundy, which has the highest tides in the world. Meeting the people in the east was cool and strange at the same time.

I now think that Quebec should seperate. I don't believe that the debate should be based on whether or not anybody would prosper with or without seperation. It should all be based on whether or not there is better freedom and responsibility. If Quebec really wants to take charge of its own life, then I applaud it. Personally, I think that everybody will be worse off, but it's better to live in poverty, godliness and freedom than it is to enjoy the luxuries of enslavement.

I have also been reading French novels and comics. It's all interesting but the comics are more enjoyable. I'm doing this in hopes that I could pick up more French.

Life with my family is better in the sense that we don't argue as much. An unfortunate and disturbing thing popped up. Because of the context, I could already sense what was about to be asked, "Eugene, please don't be offended with what I'm about to ask...". My brother's wife thought that I might be gay. I can't remember the exact phrasing, but it is close. Also, it was my brother who asked, not her. She thought it and he asked it. How devestating is that? I'm trying to become more masculine and attractive to women, and here they are thinking that I'm gay. She's the person who watches "Will & Grace" and he's the person who recommended that I watch "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy". So, I suppose that it's okay to watch them on tv, but if there is even a chance that somebody is really gay, then all hell breaks loose. I honestly think that they are some of the most closed minded people that I've ever met. If any of you think that they are conservative, then you've got another thing coming. I'm conservative. They're not. We're the exact opposite. When I think back to all of the things that my brother has done to me, I'm actually shocked at much he tries to change my life. On my last 3 birthdays, he has lectured me on finding work and friends. In the last year or 2, he has consistently talked to me about my wardrobe. In the last few months, he, his wife, and my parents keep telling me to colour my hair, because of the grey hairs. The sad thing is that I was finally getting content with the way that I looked. It took my whole life to get to that point, and forget about the low self-esteem that plagued me through elementary school, high school and college. I honestly don't recall saying a whole lot to my brother and his wife. I'm going to have to bring this up with them sometime. Maybe he's just trying to make up for sins of the past in the only way that he knows how: by drawing people into his world to be successful like him [as he is quite highly regarded among his peers].

There are a lot of other annoying things happening, but that's the most interesting part that I care to share right now.

Jondiii and others, if you want to clear out junk, then why not go to

Take care.

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Life Update [just a quick greeting]

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  • Glad you're doing well. Okay, annoying things happen in life, but you seem to be doing well otherwhise. :-)
  • glad to see you're still out there trying to make your way. keep it up. it sounds a bit like some people in your family don't realize how much of your own person you've become. hopefully they will as time goes on.

    i may have mentioned this to you before. one thing that has helped me a lot is martial arts. it is teaching me a new approach to taking on challenges. and really, a martial artist seeks knowledge, not violence. i don't study so that when i fight i'll have a better chance of winning. studyin
  • Glad to see you are back (if even only for a little while)(or not, as is your want). Regarding the books, I read "How to Win Friends..." back when I was 14. Talk about making an impression. It has served me very well. However, in my old age, I'm having trouble focusing on granting people their time in the sun. I'm more likely to be distracted by my own will. I don't set aside my desire to shine as much as I used to be able.

    I haven't read "The Tipping Point" - is it similar to "How to Win Friends..."?

    • I haven't read "The Tipping Point" - is it similar to "How to Win Friends..."?

      No, it's about how small changes can cause big changes. Some of the things that the book talks about is how people make big changes because of how well they sell. In other words, it isn't a change based on "I'll tell 2 friends and they'll tell 2 friends and they'll..." etc. It's about a salesman telling 10 or more friends and making them want to do it, whereas we might tell only 2 friends and they'll probably tell nobody.

      The book

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