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Journal squiggleslash's Journal: What they want you to think 6

So... Brown was going to college in a few days, but he decided to rob a store beforehand because that's what undergrads do or something. But they found dope in his system, which also proves that in addition to being a violent "thug" (though not one armed with the prerequesite cola and skittles) he was also a drugged out maniac. And the store refused to call 911 because, uh, not sure, but there's probably a bad reason for it. So later when a cop happened to find him jaywalking it was probably OK to ki... no, that's too strong a word, put him to sleep, because thug.

So here's white currently suburban (and British urban anyway, so that doesn't count) me thinking none of this makes sense even if you're trying to tug at any prejudices of mine.

One problem is that Brown being on dope explains the robbery and why the store didn't feel any strong inclination to call 911. Kinda. Well, based on an experience of mine anyway. Thing is, about 25 years ago I'm buying a cheese and onion sandwich from a newsagent in Oxford. In walks a (white, FWIW) man who is obviously stoned. Student probably. Tries to find something to eat, and then has an argument with the store owner who (1) wants him to wait until he's finished serving me and (2) wants him to pay. "Dope fiend" (heh) then loses his temper, swears, makes a lot of comments that sound like a Slashdotter moaning about having to buy music (except about groceries not music), upends a small rack of merchandise near the door, and leaves the store.

Store owner is pissed, but sees no need to call 999. This guy isn't a real threat to anyone. The damage is slight. The situation may resolve itself once the would-be customer sobers up anyway.

Of course, follow this line of reasoning and Brown isn't a thug (I keep emphasizing that word, you know why...) but someone with temporarily poor judgement who was, by default, in a more mellow frame of mind despite appearances at the store.

Which, while I wasn't there, is certainly consistent not with Brown somehow being threatening to the officer that killed him, but initially (while there was no threat) likely to mouth of, and then when the situation turned threatening, more than a little paranoid and likely compliant with the (justifiably, as it turned out) scary cop: that is to say, I think despite the Ferguson police trying to smear Brown as a doped up thug, everything is consistent with the eyewitness accounts that say otherwise.

A few days before going to college Brown, apparently, smoked dope, leading to a series of events where a cop thought he could get away with executing him. Even replacing the more mellow attitude of British police with their authoritarian and mildly corrupt American counterparts, I don't think my white fellow shopper 20 years ago would ever have been shot if caught jaywalking afterwards. Given not merely the attempt to smear Brown, but the type of smear used, which seems to be used all too often, I think he was shot because certain elements in the US, and apparently many are in law enforcement, believe blacks belong to a less human class than the rest of us.

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What they want you to think

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  • There needs to be a one-month standoff before anyone gets spun up about these tragedies.
    • by gmhowell ( 26755 )

      Like in Trayvon Martin's case? Despite facts being available, people want to ignore them.

      The interesting development in this current situation is that the cop has a fractured eye socket. That doesn't usually happen when falling out of bed.

      • That is interesting, and it'd be interesting to see a version of events that explains both the injury and the eyewitnesses apparently not noticing anything that would explain it. The only thing that springs to mind is that reportedly Wilson opened his car door in such a way that it hit or came close to Brown, whereupon it slammed back (either pushed by Brown or bouncing off him) into Wilson.

        Still, that's a lot of damage for a door "bouncing".

        • by gmhowell ( 26755 )

          I would think it would require some extra force added to the rebound. And a lucky hit.

          My theory that explains the injury and the eyewitness statements? Most eyewitnesses stink. Particularly after the media circus started.

          • Eyewitnesses pretty much had consistent stories before the media circus started and while one biased, or two unbiased, eyewitnesses might be likely to be highly unreliable, when you start getting many (and 3U+1B seems many to me) all independently corroborating one another then you're getting into territory where only "Invisible gorilla" scenarios (and similar) start to play out in terms of their accounts being wrong. Ultimately it's hard to understand why witnesses would ignore some massive act of violenc

            • by gmhowell ( 26755 )

              Unfortunately, we'll never know. Oh, sure, we'll get an answer of sorts that will alienate a good chunk of the population of the US, but it will be about as reassuring as the Warren Commission report.

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