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The Struggle for Stupidity

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  • ... obviously, he must know what he's talking about if he was able to post his monologue to YouTube, right? After all, you can't put anything on the internet that isn't true [youtube.com], right?
  • Completely disagree with Bill there. Literature is completely lost on children, and is a big waste of their time. Like things like economics, it should be higher education only, and just prepare the yutes with the three R's so they can function in society. And I would say teach critical thinking, so they can protect themselves from being ripped off (in the various ways; i.e. not just financially).

    What's sad is that college is wasted on the youth. Like I suspect the vast majority of college grads in the la

    • I don't know. I have two little boys, on whom I'll experiment with giving them as much as they're ready to consume. This idea that Calculus is magical and you have to wait is stupid.
      • Unless someone is going on to become higher educated for engineering or something like that, its level is pointless for the daily life of the modern American citizen. I had to take a year of the stuff for my BSCS and in 18 years as a professional programmer I've needed to use any of it exactly zero times.

        K-12 should focus on skills for life. In high screwl I had geometry, then algebra 2, then trig (and something called math analysis). I'd say even as a programmer most of what I use is probably algebra 1.

        • Couldn't agree less. The basic concept that things vary over time, while not necessarily something used during grocery shopping, is still fundamental to grasping a whole host of analysis.
          Does the reality that you don't go around bench-pressing items after the workout negate the value of the gym?

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