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Journal Epona's Journal: Oh yeah... 3

My horse and I came in 9th out of about 100 people at our first 50 mile race last summer. It was 112 degrees (in Maine, no less), but we somehow made it. He's getting a semi-break since I'm in school now, but next summer we're going to pick right back up, and two years from now I'm shooting for a 100.

.... (there's other stuff there too, but they should be obvious)

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Oh yeah...

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  • ...wow. I ran across you a while back on slashdot, but I can't believe I didn't friend you before. I think I actually added you to IM, but didn't do so on slashdot.

    *also loves Arabian horses (well, horses in general, but used to care for Arabians specifically.)
    *used to showjump
    *majored in Electrical Engineering (among other things)
    *worked in DC for a while
    *is not much older than you
    *is another geek girl

    Nice to meet you! :)
    • uh oh going into horse mode *warning could be tiresome* Arabs are of course the best, however since he's moved up to Massachusettes and is getting treated like royalty (plus of course it's a tad cooler than the DC area), Mr Splash has decided to live up to his heritage. I think he woke up one morning and said "hey wait, I have a delicate nose, refined features, a tail that flips up, huge powerful muscles from all those endurance races..I must be an arab!" And ever since then he's been acting like it. My sw

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