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Journal Epona's Journal: holy crap 7

Providence, Rhode Island, for the unenlightened, is a dump. There is absolutely nothing to do here but drink. And god forbid I should walk three blocks to my car at night by myself...I might end up stabbed or get my wallet stolen.

School on the other hand, is a breeze. I tested out of all of my math classes, and out of two years of English. Not bad. I did fail the computer placement test however, because I don't know how to use PowerPoint, so I'll be taking Intro to Computers next term. That's pathetic.

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holy crap

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  • by Arker ( 91948 )
    I agree, that's totally pathetic - but in my experience, par for the course. The dumbing down has been going on for a long time, and it's in a rather advanced stage.
  • The intro classes give the university the highest profit margin, so it is understandable that you end up taking at least one.

    Just keep your wits about you and you'll be fine.

  • Good job on testing out of those classes. Sorry on the computer thing though. PowerPoint really sucks. The only reason I can do anything on it is because I spent a summer helping my dad put his notes on it. Absolutely terrible program.
  • You can't use power point? WHY THE HECK NOT?! Its quite useful to know. Same with Excel hackery. You can do some crazy isht with excel; rolling up different spread sheets across different drives on different domains to make overarching graphs to track spending vs. accomplishments to show earned value reports.

    You want to talk about skillz you can use for making money, damn.

    Tell Buddy Cianci I said "hi." And that place thats the "home of the solid gold dancers." Talk about living in the past!
    • we rarely used power point in high school...I did AP and BC computer science, neither of which involved the use of power point. I think I've used it two or three times...we always had the option to use it or make a webpage, so I always made a webpage. The rest of the exam I could have done in my least I'll have one class that's a gimme though ;)
      • I did AP and BC computer science, neither of which involved the use of power point

        Hang on a second. I wouldn't expect anyone to learn powerpoint in a computer science class. Never mind that most of my comp sci classes were taught with powerpoint slides. However once you go on to be a software engineer/computer scientist, you sure as hell will use power point. Unless they stick you in the basement and you never have to talk to anyone else. Which could mean not-so-good things for ones career. The use of p
        • of course we wouldn't learn to use PP in those classes...:) the problem is my major is equine business management..I know how to use a lot of the business software (quickbooks and excell) because at the tack store I worked at my boss was computer illiterate- I had to figure them out and teach her (I know quickbooks in and out). But that's beside the point...most likely I'm going to be spending the majority of my days in a barn or on a horse, not behind a desk (kill me if I ever spend my time behind a desk).

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