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British, German history texts

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  • Are you looking for just anything under the heading "German and English history", or did you have something in mind? Biographies, general overviews, histories of specific periods or regions, etc.?

    Most of what I have is in the medieval period (surprise surprise) but I have some other stuff as well.

    Here are a few picked off my shelf:

    England in Europe: 1066-1453, edited by Nigel Saul. A collection of essays and articles examining England's central role in European history, explicitly trying to chip away

    • Basically, general overviews based on decent scholarly research. I've seen a few on Amazon, but some of the reviews pointed to inaccuracies and little in terms of footnotes or bibliographies.
      • Well, I'd certainly stand by the recommendations I made above, but I'd also recommend the following:

        Elizabeth, by David Starkey. An interesting book reviewing the life and personality of Gloriana, and the dangerous times in which she lived.

        The Penguin History of England. A series of books focusing on various points in English history. At times a bit dry, but still interesting. One particular volume, Beginnings of English Society by Dorothy Whitelock, is particularly interesting from a social standpoi

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