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Journal smittyoneeach's Journal: Let's snort the Drano, shall we? 9

Obama has extended the conservative values of regressive taxation


build-up of the military and military-industrial complex

I'll give half credit here. Conservative do believe in national defense, but the Wilsonian craving for Team America: World Police is a Progressive notion.

support of the largest and most profitable of industries

Oh, I keep forgetting that 'profit' is the new 'bestiality'. Got me there. Can I say 50 "I H8 capitalisms" on my condom rosary for penance?

suppression of individual economic mobility

When people support "equality of opportunity", not the Socialist "equality of condition", how do you even construct this statement? Is that from the widely discredited Piketty?

suppression of workers' rights

Let's expand that. Doesn't this really mean "suppression of worker's rights to pay dues to a union, so that corrupt union bosses can buy politicians to further jack things through the roof"?
What workers really need is fewer regulations, so that they can go start their own businesses.
That said, it's understood that Socialism is truly anti-individual, and it's deemed better that worker's souls be warmed by a few more thousand pages of regulations there on the plantation, as opposed to enjoying the liberty to succeed or fail on their own merit.

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Let's snort the Drano, shall we?

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  • I don't think Leftists would have a problem with everyone in the world being rich (assuming technology that protected their false idol, the Creation), *AS LONG AS* they were all about equally rich. (And exhibited due deference to a strong, centralized governmental authority.)

    Liberty is evil not because it allows people to fail, but that it allows some to succeed while others fail. It allows inequity in "the system". Better that everyone succeeds or fails together. (Which is why "the equal distribution of

    • Progressives are about reducing people to herdable stock. Actually leveling the wealth field would afford too much liberty. Decrying inequality as a means of gathering political power? Why, that's Pure Chewing Satisfaction, right there.
      Suggested new unit of measure: hippopiketties--measured in dollars, for every unit of wealth personally held by Progressives, while simultaneously bemoaning inequality.
      • Don't continue to stay hung up on the power thing because that's what you see emphasized on the Left, currently, in America. Sure, Lefties believe there needs to be a small ruling contingent, with absolute power, to keep the system in an equilibrium of "fairness". But they're only bent on acquiring as much power as possible, any way they can, for now, in this country, because they see the inequities as so great and that there's so far to go/so much to overcome to get this evil nation to a state of "fairnes

        • "tactics and philosophy are different things, and pursuits can have phases"

          I'm not sure this is a difference amounting to much difference.
          I guess I agree that there are rubes that believe the rhetoric, and carry out the whims more from sincere belief than cynical manipulation of others.
          These are probably salvageable, and may even constitute the majority.
          For the rotten blokes at the core, though, nothing short of an overt miracle can turn them.
          • I'm not sure this is a difference amounting to much difference.

            Heh, when discussing the desires of the "left" and "right" political factions you prop up, there could not be a truer statement. Amongst all of you there is no difference aside from tactics... and your collective powers of repetitive projection are noteworthy. The boy in a bubble has a megaphone.

            • The magical thing is the way you, solely, among all humanity, somehow, as though defying gravity, escape "repetitive projection".
  • How many consecutive journal entries will you dedicate to me this time? Here I thought you would tire of openly falling on your face, but if it makes you happy, go for it!
    • Well, each time stamp is pretty much limited to one entry. So I guess the answer to your question is: one.
      But laughter is a great medicine, and I reserve the right to laugh at your drivel so long as you continue to drool it.
      • Well, each time stamp is pretty much limited to one entry. So I guess the answer to your question is: one.

        I wonder what your answer would have been if you had actually read the question.

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