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Journal Profane Motherfucker's Journal: Meth 3

This post raises a few curious questions. Since you fuckers are lazy, I presume, I will cut and paste it here to save a few clicks. Jesus you people are slothful bitches.

I wonder, if crack was legalized, would we be having a simular discussion over how best to prepare it? (not saying any of you here would do crack, just that if it was socially acceptable and all that)

Well, my man, I will tell you the answer is yes. In the case of meth, there are a variety of ways its manufactured. The hardcore fiends, I'm talking about the toothless fucking junkies, all have their own particular flavor they like. There's more flavors to this shit than Baskin' Fucking Robbins. The count I heard was 48. It's just like coffee. Generally, just like coffee, there are some flavors that most snobs like. In the case of meth junkies, they like the stuff made from lithium batteries.

I asked one junkie why he was so fond of the lithium battery method. In all honesty, consuming anything that has a principal ingredient of a battery seems like some seriously flawed fucking paradigm, but not to the toothless cunt he was.

"It's smooth, man. Like the other shit [method unknown] just burns your throat like you snorted fire. This shit is a lot smoother and it don't burn as much."

So, there you have it.

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  • Who says junkies can't be connoisseurs? They're the wine-tasting crowd of the 21st century, except to my knowledge wine doesn't come in hot pink [].
    • Very interesting link. I thought it would be a good idea, but there's just one problem with their idea. How would it deter anything? If someone is risking serious fucking brutality to their body by carting around buckets (good christ the danger!) of anhydrous, I don't think they'd care if their meth was pink.

      Law enforcement, upon seeing a white powder, doesn't say, "Gosh, it's white. Must be baby formula. If it were pink, we'd have a problem."

      And the chemicals themselves stain the glassware and tools with a

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