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Desktops (Apple)

Journal D_Fresh's Journal: Today is The Day

The G4 Arrives Today!
Forgive me for getting over-excited about such a thing, but I've been waiting for 2+ years to get a new Mac, and now it's finally happening. And on top of that, it's arriving with a spanky-new OS that's significantly better than the previous version. I think I have reason to be excited.

Of course, the heavens are aligned against me because my family arrives tonight for a weekend visit. Which means that I won't have as much weekend time to play with the thing, and my wife will probably begrudge me the time spent even hooking it up today because we have "chores" to do and errands to run in preparation for The Visitation. Damn the electric fence.

Fortunately, I'm still jobless for at least a few more days, as the two, count 'em, two job offers I'm expecting shouldn't arrive before Tuesday morning or so. It's particularly gratifying after being unemployed for over 5 months (two of which were by choice, mind you) that I'm going to be the subject of a bidding war. Asid from a better salary, I'll be able to choose between two very attractive IT/Teaching positions at Boston-area private schools, each of which has its advantages. Tremendously rewarding feeling. Now we'll be able to refinance this horrendous mortgage and take advantage of the low, low rates going around right now, and save ourselves thousands of dollars over the long term while making thousands more in the short term. Sweet, sweet victory. I savor it. Like the new G4 I'll only be able to peer at for the next 48 hours.

Ahem. Yes. Sorry. I'll say one thing - FedEx Home Delivery is, how do you say, "da bomb"? They're a little-known branch of FedEx Ground, and they deliver to residential addresses six days a week and until 8 P.M. What a concept! Once we have a bit more savings I think I'll invest in FedEx stock. God knows we give them enough business. Then again, everything we've bought from comes via UPS - perhaps another purchase is in order. Call it a hedge, if you will. To think that there was a time (waaay back in 1998) that my wife was wary of buying anything off the Internet. Now I can't pry her away from the catalogy sites - she's no profligate spender, but between the Web and the nearby Wrentham Village Premium Outlets she's in bargain heaven. So am I, for that matter. :)

It's also fun to receive a Jaguar-loaded machine on the same day Jaguar is being officially released. I love being cutting edge, if only for the moment. Can't wait to use iCal and iSync, and to back stuff up on DVD-Rs and CD-RWs. Ah, the modern age is here at last. A few years late.

The unfacts, did we have them, are too imprecisely few to warrant our certitude.