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Journal Nethead's Journal: Just so I don't have an empty journal entry

If you want to see the sites I visit often access on TCP port 80. If you're a ham then I'm at w7com de CN87tt. My old nic handle is JH484. I use now (commercial version of GoDaddy.)

I had once had my domain stolen via fax and it was wrote up in Wired.,1283,33571,00.html?tw=wn_story_related

I've used the 'net since before the WWW stuff came along (dial-up at 14.4 (on a good day) with a login to a SunOS box (and trying to figure out what the new fangled SLIP stuff was.))

In '96 when I was working at an ISP ( I found out about this new site called slashdot. I was a Suse Linux user then (had reg'd as a domain even) and called Rob Malda and offered a box for images (we had a hunkin' Sprint T3, massive bandwidth back then.) He wondered how I got his phone number.. whois dude :) Anyway, was a Pent 133 with Suse and a 10baseT connection to a cisco 7507 (they spelled it with a small c back then.) I offered the same to freshmeat but he wanted me to load it with slackware and I didn't have the time.

I had a phone appointment Kevin Mitnik to tell him my story but I decided not to. I didn't need it published. Basic gist: C64, Sprint, $30M in phone calls, Secret Service, Ivan Boesky, "free long distance for $100/month", 1987.

As far as internet stuff I've worked at, (,,, and now at a All these jobs have been as a network engineer. Before the intraweb I was a broadcast engineer in Washington State.

You can find a picture of me here:

I host the site and it's lived through a few slashdottings (the back yard monorail article.)

If, for some perverted reason, you want to know more about me or contact me, send an electronic mail to:, or,.org,.us,,.whatever. (Charlie Fox in .au has Gimmie Charlie! Please?)

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Just so I don't have an empty journal entry

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