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Journal Fourier's Journal: London Law devel

London Law was mentioned on Slashdot late last year. Development had stalled after the 0.2.0 release back in February, as I was sinking my limited hobby programming hours into Wyrd. A couple of months ago I polished off a respectable 1.0 release of Wyrd, so I've recently been putting some time in on London Law again.

It's starting to look like 0.3.0 will be a nice jump over the previous release. The biggest development is some preliminary AI infrastructure--there's an AI base class that abstracts away the details of talking to the server, and I put together a toolset of algorithms for pathfinding, etc. The server administration tools have been improved significantly. The codebase was ported over to wxPython 2.6. Finally, I took an afternoon to gettext-ize the code--the translation template was uploaded to Ubuntu's Rosetta translation engine, which looks like a nice system. It simultaneously centralizes translation efforts and, being web-based, reduces the barrier to entry.

Next on the list is some UI improvements; I have a rather large list of those. wxWidgets 2.6 has full alpha blending support (finally!), which may come in useful.

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London Law devel

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