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Journal Judg3's Journal: 4 Chemos later.. 1

Well, last week was my 6th and final chemo (hopefully). They didn't even bother to take an xray, as the last 2 they've done the tumor has been invisible, it's behind my breast bone after all.
Next up is a CT scan next week to see exactly what's left of the tumor, then radiation - 4-6 weeks of it, everyday monday throgh friday.

Overall, it's been a trying time. On one hand, it was easier then I thought it would be, and a routine settles in - on the other hand, now I'm just constantly tired. I have no energy at all, and I'm so out of shape. Walking up a slight incline makes me winded a bit, and walks around the block are trying - I need to do something about that though. I'm almost positive my constant lack of energy and tiredness is due to the toll this thing took on me behind the scenes.
To make up for it, I'm going to pickup an elliptical machine, this one to be exact. There's a floor model on sale for 1199$ - I'm ebaying up a storm to raise the money for it - but if anyone wants to donate $500 or so, well you can always paypal it to my gf's account at gaffa_girl@yahoo.com hehehe.

Overall, it's been interesting, and I pray I need no more chemos, it's getting harder even though there's a routine. Thursday get the antbodies, Friday chemo, Sat - Tuesday steroids, Thursday/Friday start feeling better again.
Except this time it's weird, I just feel different - can't explain it.

Anyway, sorry for the delay, I'll really try to write more as I can.

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4 Chemos later..

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