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Journal rosewood's Journal: The VPN is working!

W00t! I finally got it working. I am just as amazed as you are!

However, I am still having some weird routing issues.

This part is really strange, I think. Once I establish a VPN with my linux box (fs2fs), I can no longer ping the security gateway, nor can the security gateway ping the box. The same thing goes for the SSH Sent Freeswan. Once the VPN is established, I can ping the local addresses but no longer the public. Then, once the VPN is down, I can no longer ping or access, but in both cases I can re-establish the VPN. Once I do that and then restart IPSec on the gateway, I can ping the gateway and access it normally. I honestly didn't remember this happening before I was able to connect with SSH Sent.

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The VPN is working!

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