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Journal thryllkill's Journal: Troll

Wow... I got modded troll today. I guess my post was a little trollish, though I think offtopic would have been a better mod.

It goes like this, there was an article about the new Logitech gaming keyboards. Someone else posted about the Optimus keyboards coming out. And then, of course, two people posted jokes about how well that keyboard will work with DN4.

There are four things that regular /. posters use to try to ensure they receive positive mod points:

1) "Mod me down for this..." or any variation of that. For some reason this says to Mods, "my crappy opinion is valid, and not trollish because I don't care about mod points." I usually mod these fuckers troll. Why? Well, because usually they are trolling, and the obvious grab for legitimacy in their post pisses me off.

2) Accuse the parent or OP of astroturfing or slashvertising. Sometimes it is, sometimes it is not. One thing I've noticed as a gadget loving geek (and this is a no brainer) is that my gadgets and gizmos cost money. So if someone finds something interesting and posts about it here, and it just so happens to be on sale, that does not mean that it is astroturfed. If you read the summery and the object does not appeal to you, don't read the whole article/slashvertisment/thread and you will not have to be bothered by it. Ah, oops, I forgot, you wouldn't get your +karma points for pointing out the astroturfing, my bad.

3) Obligatory references (Simpsons, Family Guy, Dilbert, Penny Arcade, and Futurama are all popular references). Sometimes these are actually on topic, but more often than not just another obvious grab for getting modded "Funny".

4) Tired Old Jokes. This is where DN4 comes in. I am so sick and tired of DN4 jokes. They are not funny anymore. Yeah it's been in development for a long time. So fucking what! DN4 jokes were bordering on annoying in 2002, right now they are down right stupid. As a adult I don't tell knock knock jokes anymore, because they are simple and boring. Same for DN4 jokes. Have I ever, probably, I am not a suscriber and can not look through my posting history. But I can tell you this, whenever I have mod points (and I get them pretty frequently) I am on the fucking war path for DN4 jokes.

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