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Journal glh's Journal: Post-weekend Update 1

The weekend was pretty busy. My parents came up to see the granddaughter and help me install the garage door openers. It took my dad and I about 6 hours total- which included a trip to Anderson's to get some angle brackets to hang them. There wasn't anything overly difficult about doing it- but it took a while. I did most of the wiring while my Dad assembled them. Worked out pretty well.. We got them both up without screwing up anything major.

On Sunday I spent the majority of the day cleaning the garage so we could park our cars in it. I moved a bunch of boxes around, but still need to unpack them. By the end of the day I had both cars parked inside. What a great feeling.

Not much else new. Our grass is starting to poke through the straw, especially in the front. It looks pretty good and I bet I'll be mowing it in a few weeks. We're using something called "Fairway" grass. I'm guessing based on the name it is the grass they use on golf courses, but it may just be the brand name. Seems to be fine, my only complaint is that the birds really like eating the seed.

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Post-weekend Update

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