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Real Time Strategy (Games)

Journal Brainboy's Journal: My Games: Runtling

I have a pre alpha/ demo/ thing of my game Runtling.

Runtling version .00000000000000000001

Yes, all you can do is throw the little dudes, and move around the palm trees. It's not exactly Starcraft yet.


        * Test out Combat code (it's mostly written, but i suspect its bug ridden at this point)

        * More Units

        * Bang out Level Design

        * MORE ANIMATIONS(yuk)

        * Change that ugly ass background

        * Better houses and stuff

The basic idea of Runtling is that its a 2d strategy game where your main mode of interaction is pickup units with the mouse and 'throwing' them. Plus the player will be given 'toys' that can be moved around and affect the battlefield. Units will spawn at the bottom, and the enemies will come down from the top. The object will be to defend the Runtling village which will be 10(or so) huts near the bottom of the screen which will be attackable by the enemy units.

Code is split going to split into 4 files - Main game objects. Workhorse of the whole thing - Game mainloop. Does rendering and gathering of input. - Unit design, plus setting up the animations for the units - The level design (not implemented yet)

I'd put up the source code. But's it a bit long for journel entry, and I'm just to lazy to put up at the moment.

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My Games: Runtling

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