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Journal 0x461FAB0BD7D2's Journal: Mozilla and the productization of Firefox 2

I distinctly remember voicing the opinion that Mozilla was nothing more/less* than a corporation, and their stance on developing Firefox while ending the same for the Suite was based on the idea that Firefox was more commercially viable.

Well, that is exactly the case. The Mozilla Foundation created the Mozilla Corporation. What does the Mozilla Corporation do?
1. Oversee relations with other commercial entities
2. Oversee development of Firefox and Thunderbird (non-productizable Mozilla software like Camino and Seamonkey will remain with the Foundation)
3. Make profit

Straight from the Lizard's mouth:

What is the role of the Mozilla Corporation?

The Mozilla Corporation is responsible for productizing and distributing Firefox, Thunderbird, and related branded products built on the Mozilla open source code base. The Mozilla Corporation's mission, shared by that of the Mozilla Foundation, is to promote choice and innovation on the Internet.

Only 3 employees are left at the Foundation, with 36 at the Corporation. To me, this clearly displays the Foundation's intent and where they stand on issues.

I'm not against companies. I am against the productization of open-source software. When you productize open-source software, the consumer, not the developer, is always right. I am against running open-source institutions like corporations, because then the bottom-line, not the lines of code become important.

What really annoys me is that there are Slashdotters who think that this is a good idea, simply because it was done by Mozilla.

*delete as appropriate

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Mozilla and the productization of Firefox

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  • With them having a corporation (or company , companies are much nicer in general) to deal with sales and marketing , but it having it in charge of development is bleeding silly
    • The problem with marketers and marketing is that they tend to hold sway over the development process. That has been the experience with me (and Dilbert apparently).

      That being said, it's nice to see Seamonkey is still as open as it always was. But this just cements my use of Opera. Sure they're a company too, but clearly their development process is reigned over by engineers.

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