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Journal orthogonal's Journal: Laptop functionality in handheld form factor? 5

I'm playing around with the idea of getting a laptop and (geek warning) some sort of VR glasses instead of a screen.

Optimally, I'd like something with the form factor of a Sharp Zaurus, but with a hard drive and standard ports.

Basically, I want a "real computer" that I can put in my pocket. To use the VR glasses, I'd need standard USB ports and the ability to use a standard video card.

Is this too bleeding edge? What are my options for a really small laptop, possibly without a screen?

This is slashdot, so I know you guys have some good ideas, and a good sense of what's possible.

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Laptop functionality in handheld form factor?

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  • I've heard that there is some professor somewhere who uses VR glasses to pull up all sorts of information all of the time. I know that what you are wanting is possible, but I really can't remember where this guy works or what his name is.

    I first heard about this guy once on a Slashdot front page story.

    Good luck and let us know how it all turns out!
  • Well, shouldn't it? Even after you filter out all the jerks whining about how you should have just googled for it you should get more answers than one.
  • i wanted to do the same thing but found the hardware is still too expensive for me. also, the heads up display technology seems not worth the price. 800x600 is too low res to be worth a grand. so i bought a 12 inch powerbook. i'm happy with it, someday i'll get a supa-micro OQO. []
  • in fact, I was looking to go all bleeding edge on the new zaurus SL-C3100.

    it doesn't seem to have much in the way of neat opensource support yet, so there's only the sharprom conversion through dynamism.

    I was hoping to run openzaurus or familiar, but they're not good to go yet.

    I was going to post an update to this blog entry [] but I haven't got around to it yet.
    • Basically, what I want is a Zaurus with a big hard drive -- sort of a marriage of a Zaurus to an Ipod.

      I have a Zaurus, and it's almost big enough to work on: I can read Slashdot on it, I can even comment on Slashdot with it (although without the benefit of a spell checker), but it's too small to effectively write code on.

      I have a (broken) Archos with a 60GB drive: that's enough room for my music, and for basic programs, if Archos ran basic programs.

      Now, if I could get the Zaurus to use the Archos's hard dri

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