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Desktops (Apple)

Journal D_Fresh's Journal: Finally... 3

Today is "finally" day, as in:


  • Power Macs will be unveiled tomorrow
  • ...I'll be upgrading my current system
  • ...I have more than one promising job prospect on the horizon
  • ...I beat Terrans using Protoss in StarCraft, against the computer (okay, I'm notsogood). I've been trying this for a while - my offensive technique is, well, offensive.
  • ...I get to celebrate "Victory Day", because Rhode Island is the one state in the nation that still does. It used to be "Victory over Japan Day" or just "VJ Day," but apparently the "Japan" part was just too in-your-face and they took it out. Because of course it's not too in-your-face to still celebrate the actual day. No sir.

It will be interesting to see which price points Apple chooses for their new systems - if they keep them the same and hope that the new features still attract buyers, or if they drop them a bit to spur sales in a slow economy. Either way, I think it was wise to wait - I'm expecting at the very least faster processors (of course), a new enclosure design, faster RAM (DDR), perhaps 8x AGP, GF4 Ti standard on some configurations, larger standard HD capacities, and even (if the rumor sites are right) new mouse and keyboard models. If this mouse is a two-button jobbie, the /. pages will be fun to read! I can't think of a more inconsequential standard feature that's gotten so much criticism. Attractive but unlikely new features would be quad processors, additional PCI slots, integrated Bluetooth support, and upgraded AirPort specs - but given Apple's recent success at keeping major enhancements secret, I won't be altogether surprised if one of those unlikelies come true.

Rumor also has it that Jaguar has been let out of the cage - perhaps these new models will also ship with it standard. That would save me about $20, which is always nice. I'd just put it toward the $50 .Mac fee and moan a bit less about that. I think it's worth it overall - I just hope they improve the service over the coming year so I feel justified in shucking out $100 the next time around.

Is anyone reading this? Feel free to comment. I think I'm talking to empty air, though. :)

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  • >Is anyone reading this? Feel free to comment. I think I'm talking to empty air, though. :)

    I have a tendency to read another's blog if the title piques my interest. Yours did. Amusing trivia about V-day, government is PC to a fault sometimes. Politicians try not to offend both the constituants that are in favor of the holiday or those who are insulted by it.
  • Democracy may have failed us it's government applications, but it still sort of works in capitalism. Basically, it works like this: Every dollar you spend counts as one vote. By spending $50 or $99 on a .Mac account, you are casting 50 or 99 votes in favor of "The .Mac bussiness plan is a good idea". Don't support it! It's not a good idea!

    I'm not just whining, sayinging everything should be free. Some of the .Mac services are worthwhile, and definitely worth paying for. But the way it's setup now, so you've got to pay the full price just to keep your previously free email... It's craziness. Please don't cast your vote in favor of .Mac. The fewer people who pay for it, the more chance apple will wakeup and change it.

    For what it's worth, heres some of what I want changed:
    - longer grace period for before old free email accounts expire
    - longer grace period on previously free webspace accounts
    - modular service plans including cheap, email-only option
    - monthly billing option

    eh, why should they listen to me, i've only been evangelizing their products for a decade or so...
    • I can agree with your last two points - a modular plan and shorter billing cycle would make sense for people who don't want to spend 50-99 bucks. But I disagree with your basic point. I'm no slave to Apple, and I certainly don't follow their every move drooling and praising, but if they say they can't support giving us free email and web space any longer, I believe them. It's not the greatest business maneuver to take away what was once free, but my account is much cleaner and more usable than any Hotmail account I've ever had, and without so many pesky ads.

      Bottom line is, if my favorite company says they need money to keep offering good service, I have something of an obligation to give it to them. Apple only stays afloat when we buy its products - you can't expect to demand something for nothing and still get the same Apple quality in the future. I fully expect the .Mac fees to drop in the next year or two to a more reasonable level - as always, they're pulling an "all the traffic can bear" approach to pricing. Their margins have always been the highest in the industry, and if I actually had to pay $100 for my first year I might be singing a different tune. But I can handle $50 for all the stuff they're offering. It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make - for the moment.

      Sorry, can't obey your order not to "cast my vote for .mac." I need this email account too much, and Apple needs my support.

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