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Journal 0x461FAB0BD7D2's Journal: It's over 3

That's it. I'm done with posting in Slashdot, and like my friend, FidelCatsro, I'm moving to JEs (and Fark and Digg) entirely.

I can't believe how this got marked as flamebait. This is Slashdot, where sarcasm is supposed to reign. At least that's what I thought this was.

That and Manny Ramirez is the man.

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It's over

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  • ;) , honestly alot of bastards out there.
    I think we need to rise above them and just fully speak out minds , the JEs are alot more fun as you know your going to get inteligent responses.
    Honestly , i got moded down as over-rated so much its not funny any more .
    I wouldn't mind flamebait raitings as much , Over rated just pissed me to no end as its such a cowardly moderation.
    Though your right ,Those barstards are modding as they disagree with you.
    Too many morondinators(tm) out there.
    Slashdot does not promote c
    • The fact of the matter is that Slashdot has a good system. They have checks on the commentary via moderators. They have checks on the moderators via meta-moderators. It all breaks down above that, because it's based on trust.

      Slashdot trusts that moderators will moderate fairly, and that meta-moderators will watch over them fairly. Slashdot trusts that editors will only moderate the point system fairly based on their experience, especially when one has too many friends who are moderators. The problem is tru
      • The problem with slashdot is not the open system , but rather the bits where open is missing . if the mod system was fully accountable i would have no problem , but it is not and that leads to trouble

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