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Journal Brainboy's Journal: [Movie Review/Discussion] Layer Cake and My Summer of Love 2

Last night, I went down to the local independant/artsy/cool movie theatre. to see Layer Cake. It's directed by the guy who produced those Guy Ritchie flicks, Snatch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. I figured it'd be really similiar to that, and I liked Snatch and what I've seen of Lock, Stock (I haven't seen all of it).

Well, it's only sorta like those films. The British crime scene is there. So is the large interesting cast of characters, and the use of a single thing as the major pusher of plot i.e. plot device, in this case boxes of stolen ectascy pills. This is where the the similarites end.

First off, Vaughn has a visual style distinct from Ritchie. A lot of his scene transitions are really good. The script is excellent, clever, and pretty concise. I'll say that this movie is also less... what's the word, whimsical(?) than Ritchie's movie. It's still hilarious, but a very tone than Snatch. Go see it, it's really good.

Hanging out at the movie theatre, a couple of friends and I get invite to screen a movie. Knowing most of the people who work at a movie theatre, including managers, is great. I think, "Okay, sure."

The movie was another British flick called, My Summer of Love. I have this to say about it.

It's godawful.

I found it insipid and nauseating. The dialogue dragged and was generally not very interesting at all. Almost every scene should have been cut 5 seconds earlier. It's horrible, and I'm glad I didn't pay to see this movie.

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[Movie Review/Discussion] Layer Cake and My Summer of Love

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  • So, 5 seconds earlier, as in, "before the scene started?".

    That would be a clever way to get my life back from all the bad flicks I've seen!

    • So, 5 seconds earlier, as in, "before the scene started?".

      In some cases, yeah. Though I was referring to nasty habit this movie has of lingering on a character after a scene is done. It was friggin annoying.

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