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Journal Chacham's Journal: Rant: Mod point silliness. 2

Mod points again, which i prefer to spend in JEs. Last time i had points, i could not find the moderate button. Now i see that of you have javascript turned on it is automatic.

  • Automatic mod point application is amazingly stupid.
  • What if i make a mistake?
  • What if i see a post later that was unfairly modded down but now i have no points left?
  • The FAQ says, "Do you still have any moderator points left? You only got 5..." I got 15.
  • Why doesn't it mention the auto update somewhere?
  • After moderating it reports how many points you have left. Messages end up conflicting.

Overall, the heralded new age of Slashdot is being designed by morons.

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Rant: Mod point silliness.

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  • I think I opted out of moderation a long time ago, but no amount of digging turns up such an option in my settings now. I wonder if it was a one way road? Anyhow, I guess it saved me from some of the new UI confusion.

    • by Chacham ( 981 )

      As long as your Karma is "Excellent", you're ok.

      I wonder if in some future code, those with >50 karma will have rollover errors. :)

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