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Journal random_static's Journal: hiya, empaler 3

trying to get orkut to send you an invite presently... i'm at two "502 server errors" so far and counting. and i was expecting at least half a dozen, so i may be up all night doing this... ;-) that's what i meant by you may not thank me!
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hiya, empaler

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  • Of course, I forgot my login details... the 'reset password' thing keeps saying 'wrong password'... (now THAT'S stupid)
    I might get back to getting into it in a weeks' time as I'm busy with my new job. I was surprised at the sheer amount of penises everywhere there...
    On another note, I skimmed your profile, and it seems you have very interesting reading habits... ^_^
    • yeah, it went downhill pretty quickly and by now it's gone a LONG way down that hill... i got into it when (IIRC) there were fewer than 1 million members, and it wasn't too great even then, but it was already rapidly worsening. oh, and thanks. i haven't had time to read as much lately as i'd like, or money to buy books with; right now, i'm slowly going through a book of Icelandic sagas in English translation. Egil Skallagrimsson was one odd dude...
      • Ha! I can read Egil Skallagrimssons saga in the original language...
        Actually, I think it was part of last years curriculum...

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