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Journal Brainboy's Journal: My Involuntary 2 week hiatus from computer

A little more than 2 weeks my laptop's hard drive got fuxxored, and off it went to the shop it went to get fixed gratis. Warrenties are handy like that. Fortunately I had done a system restore a week before, so my stuff was already backed up EXCEPT for my Freedom Force vs 3rd Reich saves. Dammit I was more than halfway through!

Well, in anycase, I was stuck with no computer for two weeks. Two weeks without Internet? OH NOES! WERE WILL I C PRON?????????? Fortunately I'm a versatile geek, I can make it through this, right?

In the beginning of the 2 weeks, I vegged out a lot. It was really weird. It almost like I was lost or something. Who'd a thought computers play such an integral part of my life? Yeesh, it's like a bad sci-fi movie. Couldn't you imagine that. *clears throat and does his best movie guy voice*

In a future, where everything is run by computers. What happens when those computers...

aren't there?!

Starring Christian Bale and Natalie Portman

Anywho, after my system was cleansed through the vegging out, I had to something. Hell it got boring after a couple of days. I began watching TechTV in the morning. It's not like cruising Slashdot, but it satisfied the addiction. And hey, now I know what everyone talking about when geeks are all like, "morgan webb is HOT, yo." Aside: She has some sort of look that seems familiar. Wednesday Aadams, maybe? I dunno.

A Star Wars D20 game got started, so my Wednesday evenings got taken care off. Pen and Paper games are fun. And a nice way to spend an evening. However, what really took the boredom away was Warhammer 40k.

For those who don't what it is and are too lazy to google it, it's a miniature wargaming. I build my army out of models, paint them, then play with them against some other guy who did the same thing. It a ludicrous amount of fun.

This paragraph is for those, if any, who play 40k:
I read the new rulebook. I actually like the changes they've made. Except for the using Initative for checking to see if a squad fallback successfully out of combat. But that's cause I use Orks. What do I care, my squads almost never fallback in assault. I really like the new rapid fire rules though. You can get those close range firefights now.

I also watched a bunch of movies: Ghost in the Shell 2, Coffee and Cigarettes, Brasil(again, but this time at the big screen), Fudoh(a Takashi Miike film), Batman Begins. A few more I don't remember. I like the ones I've named. They're all pretty good. However regarding Batman Begins, I liked the film, but I didn't like that one police chase. It felt excessive, gratuitous, and stupidly over-the-top (yes, as opposed to smartly over-the-top).

I had a point I wanted to make in this journal. What the hell was it? I hadn't meant this to just be a dossier on what did the past 2 weeks. Fuckit, I got Internet back, maybe I should be thankful for that.

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My Involuntary 2 week hiatus from computer

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