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Journal British's Journal: Want to see something depressing?

Want to buy some old Atari computer goods? Look no further. The guy who runs this site posts rather frequently to the newsgroup(and cross-posts). Probably the only web page that's readable on an atari 8-bit computer(for his customers). This web site is like a trip back through time. And even if I was in 40 column mode, it is still hard to read.

Then I waltzed over to the local Atari 8-bit computer user group. Ever want to see something decay and deteriorate? That's the place to go.

As you know, this past December's SPACE Christmas party was something of a bust. Well, January's planned bounce-back was an even bigger bust. Greg's article in this issue describes that evening at SPACE.

and here's pictures from the 2004 birthday party. If it's going to be that kind of party, I'm sticking my dick in the mashed potatoes.

Ouch. Sometimes you have to got to let things go. And this is from someone who lives life as if it still were 1982.
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Want to see something depressing?

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