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Last night I bought a Sony Dvdirect DVD burner. It is pretty cool.

I had been trying to burn dvds with my desktop but it just didn't do a good job. Everything came out looking like crap. I thought about buying a new computer but really can't afford it right now. When I was at the store getting my wife a digital camera, I saw the dvdirect. It works as a stand-alone unit and can handle a good number of formats-- so I thought I would try it out. Last night I burned a little over 3 hours of video. It came out very nice.

I can't remember if I ever posted this link-- but here it is:
Free On-Line Graph Paper

All different kinds of graph paper, ready to be downloaded and printed. Nice if you just want a couple sheets-- also some more hard to find patterns. There are also a couple graph paper generators so you can make your own custom graph paper. How much more geeky can you get?

I just downloaded 4 or 5 avi files but when I try to play them all I get is the audio-- not the video. What would do that? Is it something with the file or am I doing something wrong. I've tried to play them with realplayer, winamp and ms media player.

Interesting video storage site I was checking out last night--

It is hosted in iceland-- so I can't read any of the text-- and many of the videos are not in english. But lots are. Many of them it doesn't matter-- you don't need the dialogue to get what is going on. There are music videos, commercials, sports clips, all kinds of stuff. Some I've seen all over, some I've never seen. Many are european commercials. May be NSFW for many of you. There are some really amazing soccer clips.

On an interesting note-- they have a clip of Keifer Sutherland on the David Letterman show-- being shown on a news program because he talks about a visit to iceland. I never thought about that, but it is interesting to me, that they take note of what he has to say about iceland on an American program.
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  • They are probably DIVX files using a newer codec than installed on your computer. For some reason WMP can't retrieve the codec and you have to download the Divx player directly from to play them back. They have a free version which is fully functional for playback of the files - so don't get tricked into upgrading to one of the paid versions. Divx is the standard format for video torrents so its usually good to have the latest codec anyway - even if the older divx codecs will play in WMP usuall
    • ah... I tried the Divx player- I have the latest downloaded already and it gives me an error that tells me it is an MJPG file. I google and find that this is a format used by canon cameras, what the guy probably used. I google some more and find out quicktime will play them. Silly me. I tried to get the codec but people want you to pay money for it.

      Thanks for your help.
      • There are some free MJPEG codecs out there (here's one []) if you really search - I had to do this to play clips from my digital camera on my mom's Win98 machine. But you shouldn't need one to play it in a Windows Media Player 10. The full name of the format is "Motion JPEG" so that might help your search if you are trying to play it on an older machine.

  • I've been thinking about something like that. It has a digital input, so it would work with my digital camcorder. I shudder at the thought of having to download all 15+ home video tapes on to my computer, convert them to MPEG2 and then put them on a DVD. Something like that would be a lot easier for me.

    • I like it so far. I don't know if it is the USB on my computer-- or the PC itself, but I couldn't transfer video without it looking horrid.

      With the dvdirect unit I actually used the RCA plugs dealy from my camera - I don't have the cable for the firewire (they call it ilink dv but it's ieee 1394 I believe)

      I've used two of the recording settings so far. The highest quality and standard quality. They are both pretty good. You can see the difference-- but I'd say the standard is still as good as VHS

      • I have the firewire cable already for hooking up my camcorder to my PC. Firewire is Apple's trademarked name for IEEE 1394. They are pretty much the same thing, although I think with real firewire you have to able to power the device through the cable. But I'm not really up to speed on that./p.

  • Needed sheet music... TY!

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