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Journal The_Guv'na's Journal: Hotmail spam, the difinitive guide. 2

I made a throwaway hotmail address when /. did a poll on spam. I have not used it at all. I will periodically check it for messages. it is nosp4mm3rcouldeverguessthis{random_digits}

There are no messages in this folder.

OK, then. But it's early days, but to be honest I really do not expect any spam any time soon.

Aditionally, my job is damn boring and I'm still poor.

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Hotmail spam, the difinitive guide.

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  • I have 4 hotmail addresses. Two of them get 0-8 spams a day, one of them gets 20 spams a day (which is weird.. I hardly used it) and the last one gets no spam at all - maybe because I never gave it away?

    Seems that the spammers develop a lot of techniques to bypass the spam filters, which is totally lifeless. I hope they die.

    • Yup. One hotmail addy i have is always gettin spam through the highest setting of filter. Not that I ever use hotmail for anything anyway, its just a "passport".

      Maybe I'll send some mail to myself at the monitored address to see if hotmail are checking to see if it's used before selling it to spammers. That does seem unlikeley though as they'd be caught out by now if they did.


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