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Journal goon's Journal: More things todo #20

  Things todo list, pod2blog & other
  stuff. List things completed. Some
  reading. Spammed by phone.

Things to do

Outstanding things in todo list. The move to using OpenOffice (writer) as a frontend is working well. Using POD as an inbetween format is even better. Been thinking about adding the pod files into a DB to perform as a cache and reduce processing delays. Also look into parsing OpenOffice Calc. I use calc for time recording and planning schedules.

  Add more as you think of them

  • Revisit, Pod2blog things todo #11.
  • Automate to parse dirs instead of single files.
  • Add sxw meta data such as word, character count.
  • Add sxw link information and process inline.
  • Think about adding grading as in Information Quality.
  • Finish semi completed articles.
  • Update About.
  • Thinking about adding delicious, backpack links.
  • Parsing *.scx files
  • Changes made to documents.
  • Subversion remote access.

Things completed

  Add more as you think of them

  • Sorted articles from journal posts.
  • Sorted completed from semi complete articles.
  • Added reliable bolding, italics, headings, preformatted text.
  • Added code, docs etc to subversion.
  • Write-up on pod2blog cache design.
  • Recompiled & installed Dot, Visigraph.
  • Played with technorati, delicious, backpack.
  • Reduced blog RH column to reduce clutter.
  • Removed inline style sheets.


Read a couple of good articles that explain social bookmarking tools.

  • Social Bookmarking Tools (I) [0]
  • Social Bookmarking Tools (II) [1]

A discussion of the article can be found at, Social Bookmarking Services Revisited. [2]


[0] Tony Hammond, Timo Hannay, Ben Lund, and Joanna Scott, Social Bookmarking Tools (I):

[1] Tony Hammond, Timo Hannay, Ben Lund, and Joanna Scott, Social Bookmarking Tools (II):

[2], Social Bookmarking Services Revisited:

Mirror of bootload: groking software, bit by bit into plain english

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More things todo #20

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