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Journal pgpckt's Journal: Minor Slashdot Tweek 2

One of the minor things that annoys me is that when you post anonymously, you do not get messaged when someone replies to your message. If I post a reply normally, my preferences are set to message me with replies. But anonymous messages lose this preference.

I wish there was a way to post with a "Slashdot remember me, everyone else forget me" option, so that I can track my anonymous postings. Sometimes, I coward out, but I still want to hear what people have to say. I guess I could go back and check it manually, but most of the time I forget what I posted where.

What do you think? Do you think this idea is good? Can it be implimented?

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Minor Slashdot Tweek

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  • That does not scale!!

    And besides, if you want to coward out, create a lovely accout for it. I usually write stuff anonymously only if I'm afraid from the karma loss... I usually add some identifier in the subject [weiss] so I can find the thingie easier later.
  • I've wanted this one, too - although I only have posted
    four or five anonymous comments at all, all these years

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