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Journal Triumph The Insult C's Journal: running. ugh 2

i'm up to about 5.5 miles per day now. it took me 43 minutes tonight (just got back a few mins ago). i've been at it for about 2 months now

and, about an hour ago, it was still 93 degrees outside. that's too fucking hot for 9:50 PM. arizona is t3h sux0rz

i haven't noticed that much of a change. my semi-roommate j does. my perm-roommate d does too. i think it might be because i drink water like a son of a bitch, so i'm always a little bloated

i think violet (my sister's cat that lives with me) misses the roommates. she's been hanging out by their room alot since they left
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running. ugh

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  • Arizona is the roxorz (or however you do that).

    There is a great cathartic/cleansing thing to running in the heat. Yes, running in the winter is nice, but the summer has its own charms. Just be careful about running during the day. It can be done but take great care.

    Your progress is pretty impressive. I'm guessing you are young, though I could be wrong. I just recently started back up. When I stopped last I was up to 4 miles in roughly 44 minutes. Now I'm back to 2 miles in 23 minutes. Calling it
    • 25, yea

      about a month ago, i was going around 1800. it's gotten so hot so fast, and stays so hot, i haven't been going until 2045 for the past week or two tho. which then messes me up getting to bed on time. argh!

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