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Journal Cy Guy's Journal: Lost Cell Phone - Is it the Newest Meme? 4

It seems like there is a rash of lost phones in zoo.pl well my wife actually lost hers a week ago. We were hoping that some good samaritan would find the phone, look up HOME in the directory and dial it. Well, someone did find it but we have once again been forced to accept that humanity is a lost cause when it comes to shiny trinkets (we had a phone stolen from our car a couple of months back - which after speaking to people the thief had called - was never returned. Similiarly, we called the people called by whoever found our phone this time with no return of the phone. Fortunatley there were no long distance calls.)

We got an essentially free phone after the one was stolen - I we paid $30, so now we are forced with paying full price for a phone. If anyone has a cheap phone compatible with T-Mobile please email cyberguide {at} gmail . c0m


Happy Update!
The finder of the phone contacted us this weekend and arranged to return it. It was a little long in coming, so now we have two used back-up phones off Craigslist, but the batteries are at least compatible with our original phone.

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Lost Cell Phone - Is it the Newest Meme?

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  • I have a CDMA phone that is verizon branded, but it will work on any CDMA network.
    • I'm not too familiar with cell technology, but I know they have to be GSM, which I'm thinking means NOT CDMA.

      Also, if it was made for a nother provider I know it has be "unlocked."

      Thanks for checking though.

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