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Help out Abm0raz

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  • It's spelt Amb0raz [].
  • I know it doesn't help his immediate situation much, but I hope he feels it meant as the sing of support it is meant as.

    Meanwhile - I'll try to keep my eays ope for anything in the P'Burgh area - - canyone have a link to to his resume/CV?

  • I had a question!!!

    Why don't you just foe him for the day and re-post?

    But that wasn't my question. I'll post that where appropriate.

    And in the meantime, how do I fix this damn Ctrl key on my computer? Squirt managed to pull it off last week, and I can't get it clicked back down all the way. It's fucking annoying.

    • No, but really, if you're truly in the mood to answer questions, why not come spend the day with Kiddo? She's got plenty.

      Among those from the last 5 minutes:
      • Why do we have a shower on the sink faucet?
      • Why did you use the shower on the sink faucet?
      • Why did you get out another can of pineapple?
      • Why do we need a big cup?
      • Why did you use a wet washcloth to wipe off the counter?
      • What smells bad?
      • Can you get me a fork?
      • Why can't I have a straw cup?
      • How is pineapple made?
      • Why does it grow in a field?
      • Why does i
      • He did that shit last time too. I'm chalking it up to a failed attempt at humor, not ill-will. It was easier to just delete the whole thing this time before it got started. To the rest of your comment:

        I've been helping my wife direct a play for the past two months.

        There's 22 kids aging 5-17 in it.

        1 of the kids is border line retarded and another is pretty slow.

        I'll pass.

        The borderline retarded kid has a habit of walking up to you talking while you're in the middle of a conversation, plus he wanders
        • I mean "foe" him as basically just change his status so he can't junk up your journal like that. Just for the day. Not 'cause you really don't like him (I, for one, think he's a great guy) -- it's not personal, it's just a way of defining the boundaries. I think it would only take once for him to really get the message that it's just not funny.

          As for the kids -- a 1:11 ratio is pretty hard to deal with. I'm not sure what the mom's obesity has to do with anything, but I sure can relate to homeschooling par
          • I'm not sure what the mom's obesity has to do with anything,

            Obese, lazy and not smart. Obesity and an active life style are usually not the norm. Granted, there are exceptions.

            There are pros and cons for homeschooling. I don't believe she's up to the task. It is probably for the best, as her child would be picked on mercilessly were he in public schools though. Obviously not my call, but I have observed her and her child for almost 2 months now.

            For normal kids, I see nothing wrong with public schoo
            • As far as the trying to get to his level, I don't know if that's possible.

              Heh. You're overthinking it. :-)

              I meant physically. Down on his level, looking him right in the eye. Ensuring that you have eye contact and focus.

              I just wanted to call you on the obesity stereotype. Fat =! stupid, and that's all there is to it.

      • How is pineapple made?

        Simple: you scrape it off some fantastic pizza and glue it together.
      • I'm just glad she cares to ask. I have no real idea, but I wonder if stereotypical jocks and cheerleaders as young children don't ask those questions?
    • for the Ctrl key, don't you have another one on the other end of the keyboard?

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