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Journal JVert's Journal: Need advice on these neighbors.

Long story short.
We used to pay $550 a month rent for a 3 bedroom home. In my area thats unbelivably cheap, its my mother in laws place. We really want to buy a house and could almost swing it if we had the %10 down. Although with the market at where its at I wouldn't buy a cemetary plot. So we want to buy but have no money and no place to buy at. We figure we start with step one, get money then see when the prices will become reasonable.

We decided we were paying too much in rent and could live for cheaper. We moved into an RV park. Not a mobile home park, a literal RV park. At first we were going to buy a 40 foot trailer but could not swing the loan. We moved out borrowing my parents 30 foot trailer which is actually working out beutifully. We have been moved in for a full week on wedndsay and are having a blast. I ask the other neighbors how they like it, they say its great, its like camping every day. And thats how it feels right now, so for those who stay they dont lose that feeling. If we manage to keep our spirits in the right place we could have a great time while we save for our own trailer, and then a house (whenever the hell and who cars now anyway).

Now I told you that story to tell you this one.

When we were unpacking Saturday, our now ex-neighbors were playing with the paintball gun. Again. Last time they had it out they shot the wall and splattered a second one on the glass and wall.

They did it again.

We just donated a bunch of baby toys that our kid had grown out of. We donated it to them, it was on the yard, they asked about it and we said, sure, take what you need. They got a crib, stroller, lots of toys and a changing table. I renember while I was cleaning that it seemed kind of odd that they didn't offer any money for it. Collectivly these could easily bring in $100 in a yard sale, but we didn't have the time or the interest. I'm not saying I expect $100, I just said that to describe the value, I couldn't see myself taking that from someone else without offering some money, at least $5 as a thank you. But forget that, I just laughed at my observance.

Then splat, they hit the glass again. I looked up and saw a bird flying away and them laughing and there was a paintball spulge on the window. I thought that was incredibly rude, and went back to packing. A few minutes later one of the little girls came over with a baby wipe while I was taking a box out, I smiled when greeting her, and started to say something when she sheepishly said "I was shooting the paintball gun and we hit your car" I took a double take because I didn't understand the house window equals the car??? Sure enough she goes around to the car and starts to wipe away at the door. No real damage. She finishes up and I got back to my buisness. It just confused the hell out of me when the girl went back and they started shooting again. Now it was an older guy who did most of the shooting, he hit the house window and I belive the girl did shoot the car and did not shoot again. But the older guy was still firing away randomly with the whole family watching and laughing, leaning on their new stroller.

When they hit the window I was already planning on smashing a half open paint can through their back window of that mustang they have.

I've calmed down a bit and decided I will only put a lock in their fence in the middle of the night. I need to find a good source of assorted keys, I'd like to put a large bag of keys hanging off the lock to encourage the neighbor to get out of the mess by trying different keys. My other question is should I put the righy key in the bag or just keep that as a personal momento.

I think its a very important lesson in respect. Not "I pwn j00" type respect. Just a keep your hands to yourself message.

If you have any ideas besides the lock fence trick let me know. I've written off setting their fence on fire and breaking windows. But trapping them in their yard for an hour of so sounds like good times.

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Need advice on these neighbors.

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