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Journal Nimrangul's Journal: Placeholder 3

So, you're reading my journal. You really aught to find something better to do, I probably won't update it.

This is just here incase someone wants to yell at me for being a dick without doing so on an actual discussion thread.

The obligitory biography: I am a fat geeky white guy with the stereotypical long hair, glasses and pimples. I like to eat, sleep, read, fight and mess with computers. I don't like to drink, smoke or talk.

Most people who see me either see me with a twisted grin on my face or a scowl, these are not what they appear however, I generally am grinning when blankfaced because that's just how my mouth curves and any other expressions are just you seeing it from the wrong angle.

I almost always have a ballcap on, generally sans-logo because I just want the shade.

I know more about Tolkien's works than any sane man, though I've not read them in a while and like my French it grows rust.

There, you know as much as anyone I've met.

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  • by shrykk ( 747039 )
    Hi, I'm the guy you foelisted the other day for sounding like a zealot. I found "You're as bad as Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormans for that nonsense, leave our beliefs be" pretty amusing. Admit I was a little over the top.

    Just wanted to say hello anyway.
    • Hey there, I admit I'm over the top most of the time too. The Internet has worn me thin for my tolerances, so I usually start into an arguement with the loudest, vulgarest messages and most insane examples for things - thereby beating my opponent to the punch.

      Pretty much anyone I notice disagrees with me a few times, trolls or says something completely out of line with what I think gets foed, while anyone that says something so sublimely insightful or agrees with me enough gets friended. Truth be told, s

      • I find myself getting so infuriated during some responses that I forget what I'm writing in mid-sentence. Half of my posts turn out to be mangled garbage.

I have never seen anything fill up a vacuum so fast and still suck. -- Rob Pike, on X.