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Journal PDA_Monkey's Journal: Linux Fest Northwest 2005 1

This year's Linux Fest was another great event. I'm very glad I went!

I wasn't so sure I wanted to go at first because I perceived the organization of this year's fest to be rather poor, but my wife convinced me that we should go. She is the President of FwayLUG, which is a new LUG still too small to have much impact at LFNW, but she wanted to be there anyway.

Not only did I attend some cool presentations and score some groovy swag, I also had the pleasure of dining with Chris DiBona of Slashdot, VA and most recently Google fame.

It was interesting how this came about...

LFNW was coming to an end and my wife and I decided to take off during the raffle and get some food.

I decided to task some friends from TacLUG if they wanted to join us for some pizza or something, to which they agreed, but they wanted to see if they won the raffle first. So, fine, we went to go wait out in the car.

Then our other friend from TacLUG, Francois, and his wife Tonya, were heading out to their car so they also could get some food.

We invited them to come with us and they said they were more in the mood to go to a nice Greek restaurant by their hotel. I like Greek food a lot, so I decided to go with them and tried to call our other friends, but they didn't answer, so I left a voicemail telling them we were going with Francois and to call if they wanted to join. They later called and declined.

On the way out to the restaurant, Francois stops next to some guy in a red shirt getting into his car and apparently asked if he wanted to join us because he did join us and we convoyed to the restaurant.

When we were entering the restaurant, Chris introduced himself as just "Chris" and I did the same by introduced my self and my wife by our first names.

We went in got settled and looked over the menu while having a bit of small-talk. This is when he mentioned his full name "Chris DiBona" and I knew instantly who he was and that this would be an interesting dinner.

He asked what we do and when we mentioned our fields, he insisted on paying for dinner since we'd be talking shop (and he'd be telling us several times we really should be working for Google).

Chris is a very interesting person and a good conversationalist well versed on many topics. He's had many different experiences and holds strong opinions and convictions. I'd love the chance to work with him.

He's also an ardent Google fan and says it's the best place he's ever worked.

He requested my resume, so maybe I'll be moving back to California.

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Linux Fest Northwest 2005

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  • And because I'm a licensed massage therapist, PDA_Monkey (Paul) insisted that I look into what I need to do to work in CA.

    I have been doing this today. In fact, when I received the notice of his post I was looking up CA Municipal Law for massage therapists. I have emailed the city attorney for Mountain View to question what is required.

    This means another whole new start for me. **sighs**

    I guess this is what I get for marrying a young buck like Paul. **wink wink**

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