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Journal drig's Journal: The Need to Reform Social Security

This fight for Social Security has been raging for a few months. Bush proposed a plan, finally, that outlines privitization and a reduction in benefits for the middle class and rich. He claims that it's better than if no one acts, which, at this point, is probably true. The thing that no one is saying is that *George Bush created this crisis*!

Bill Clinton oversaw an incredible economic boom. We all remember it. With the surplus, he began paying down the national debt and putting money aside for Social Security. Al Gore called this the "lockbox". In the 2000 election, both he and President Bush promised to keep it locked. Mr. Gore said that we except in case of recession, war or national emergency. Pres. Bush said that he'd keep it sacrosanct, regardless of conditions.

Then, we had 9/11, a recession, and a tax cut. Within one year of his taking office, Pres. Bush had spent the Social Security lockbox. Some may say this was justified. No one could have seen 9/11 coming. Well, except for Clinton's national defense team, the authors of the PDB titled "Bin Laden determined to attack within the United States", Condoleeza Rice, and about hald the executive branch. But, that's a different rant. My point is that you may be able to justify spending Social Security's future. Except that we wouldn't have had to spend it if we didn't foolishly cut taxes.

Now, 4 years later, Pres. Bush tells us that there is a crisis, and that it's the Democrat's fault for not doing anything. I'm constantly amazed that no one points out that Pres. Clinton did something; the lockbox. Pres. Bush and the rest of the Republicans tell us that the Democrats have no solutions. Again; the lockbox. And, Pres. Bush the Republicans tell us that the Democrats are playing partisan games.

It's time for Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton to stand up and remind us who had a plan to save Social Security and who spent it on foolish tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy.

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The Need to Reform Social Security

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