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Journal MarkusQ's Journal: Are people boycotting the "Funny" mod or something? 5

Are people boycotting the "Funny" mod? Or has the /. collective sense of humour been kidnapped by the same aliens that finally got Jon Katz?

My last two funny posts (here and here) got nothing but serious responses..and one even got modded "Informative."






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Are people boycotting the "Funny" mod or something?

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  • There's an old maxim that the funniest things have some core of truth to them.

    I thought your first example was funny, definitely, but especially funny because that's how many folks (me included) tend to work. My safari application sessions tend to last anywhere from a week to a couple months and include many tabs, windows, etc along the way (read interesting pages, and you'll find more interesting pages to read). I'd hazard a guess that you might behave somewhat the same way.

    So, your comment *was* funny b
  • I have attached -2 to funny in my profile. Most slashdot moderaters have a worthless, lame sense of humor. They award so many "funny" mods that they mask the comments that actually contain worthwhile information.

    Yours were funny though.

  • It doesn't add karma, and opens you up to getting modded "overrated" if some CSM thinks it's not funny. Getting modded up +5 funny and then back down to 1 costs you 4 points of karma!

    Oh wait, I forgot, we don't have karma points anymore. Don't worry about your karma. It only means everything about your ability to post and submit stories, and of course, moderate.

    • I realize that the moderation system here is "differently optimized" (I think that's the politically correct term for it). And I suppose that could account for some of it--at least, it gives me a tiny bit of WarmFuzzyFeeling(tm) to think that there are that many people who will refrain from pushing a button because they know it doesn't work they way they'd like it to.

      Heck, that's darned close to what I'd consider a joyously optimistic view of mankind.

      But my more cinical side insists that there's a much

    • To whoever just did that

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