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Journal aebd's Journal: Points

A lot of good points were made in response to my last .. rant.

I hadn't considered things from some of the angles presented. I'm not sure it makes things any easier, but it does make things feel less, bad.

As it turns out, I'm weening myself off of those feelings for her. It's hard, and involves a small amount of mental 'demonization' to counteract the feelings of love. Maybe not the best route but the only way to step it back that I know of.

I'm getting ready to make a life switch in a couple months, going to work at a new company, starting a new segment of my life, and it turns out she is coming too. Each of our decisions were independant ones and of our own accord, it's just coincidental that this is where it lead.

My previous strategy was that we would go different ways and distance would take care of things, though sadly on the friendship front too. I am a very out of sight out of mind person, and I think she is too.

So now we'll be working at the same place, in the same city, so It's about being proactive to do things on my own with others. I've had very little time that I haven't felt I had to be working over the past couple years, so I've seldom just taken time to do things like ride my bike or just lay in the sun. Though ostensably, just sitting in front of the computer doesn't imply I'm getting work done... But I digress. I'll have much more time on my hands, so more time to not feel locked into the work and be able to explore like I used to. So that is my hope, my plan.

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