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Journal DarkEdgeX's Journal: Seattle / Bellevue Assholes

After the suicide jumper on I-5 yesterday, I get another dose of Seattle / Bellevue assholeism today. Some lady, pulled over on the side of the road to do something (eat something from the Safeway Deli? Look at a map? Whatever), and some jerk pulls up behind her and honks-- she thinks he wants around, so she pulls ahead a few feet to give the guy room. The asshole just keeps PULLING UP behind her, honking again. Eventually she figures out she's not wanted there and leaves-- the problem is, the place she was parking in was a parking spot; people park there all the time (it's near the entrance to a Safeway Grocery store, 2 lane street, only orange seperator lines in the middle, no white lines denoting 4 lane traffic even though the street is wide enough to handle that. Only at the stop-light, 300-400 feet away, do white lines show up indicating left/right turn positions) and eat lunch, or do whatever people do in parked cars on the side of a street.

What gets me though is the rage this guy had.. he missed two green lights to torment this lady who was innocently parking along the side of the street TRYING to do something. Had I known what was going on (I originally though they were together and the honk was trying to get her attention), I probably would have yelled at the guy to pull around and fuck off, but unfortunately I didn't realize the reasoning of it all until it was over.

I'm sure this happens elsewhere, but you always hear about how nice people are over here (Seattle area), and when people have a chance to be nice or ignore something that they think is wrong, they don't.

Thus ends todays rant...

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Seattle / Bellevue Assholes

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