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Journal SeanDuggan's Journal: Automatic Christmas Music + Doubled Speed = Creepy

I recently sequentially listened to all of the music mentioned in an earlier article while coding at work. To those unwilling to follow the link, it's computer-created music on the basis of statistical appearance of notes and sequences, kind of a Markov chain approach to music. How is it? Eh... as several people commented, it's similar to letting your three-year old bang on the keyboard or letting your cat walk along the keys. Really, it's mildly eerie just because it sounds pretty fundamentally wrong with its dissonance and bizarre timing. *wry grin* And that's not even getting into their choice of instruments like using a maracca sound for one track, which makes it sound like there's a rattlesnake closing in on you throughout the song.

Anyhow, I also tend to play my music using the 2.0 Speed Setting in WIndows Media Player because it helps keep me on my toes while coding. (Not to mention a lot of songs sound so much more funny at that speed) And, well... *shudder* Let's just say that I think I know where to get music for my survival horror game if I ever create a survival horror game.

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Automatic Christmas Music + Doubled Speed = Creepy

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