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Journal shomon2's Journal: Live video effects

The purpose of these effects is to create source materials for live visuals that use lo fi or real life materials for moving visual reasons. 1960s psychedelic screens a la early pink floyd need only be the start. All people can join in just learning different ways of producing DIY video effects. Try it! You can do it. Anyone can.

  1. You are a living video effect even with your face.
  2. But interesting also is the coffee losing heat over the space of half an hour,
  3. a video pointed at it's own projection showing echoes and an infinite game of mirrors. This can be done with a cheap camera or even webcam pointed at it's live screen. And these feeds can then be manipulated by a video editing program such as a manipulated vidwhacker.
  4. Stir a concoction. Good things to use are water and oil, perhaps boil some tomatoes. Put in some herbs. The oil will bubble up in the mix and create a glistening top layer of bubbles. Stir hot chocolate so that it produces some swirling textures. You can draw over these as they are made, using the feedback in your mind like ever forming cloud formations of the id.

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